Machine operators, Long term position for cargo docks

Must provide proof in English of a clean police record from the last 5 years

Iceland is calling, Positions begins 15th May 2017

Iceland is a wonderful place to live with many Europeans moving to live and work here

Our client requires 8 persons to work on a cargo dock close to Reykjavik,

This is a long term situation for any candidate who will be working for our client who has a 5 year contract,

Housing will be provided to candidates at a charge off 60,000isk per month

A shared car will be provided but not fuel

plus all coffee on breaks and lunch will be provided by the company on work days

Work day is 07,30 to 18,00

candidates will  be required to operate some of the machinery or the equivalent listed below

Kalmar DCD 806H 8 T

Kalmar DCD 80 6-8 T

Kalmar DCF 80 6-8 T

Sisu Roro TR 161 AL 2

Roro TR 161 A2L 2C3

Sisu 41T RSD 4118 4TL

Kone Crane SMV 453 TBS

Merlo P366 Top

SMV Kone Crane 10 600B

kalmar DC16 1200

Cat front loader 95H

The salary listed is at today’s exchange rate and is before tax and is paid monthly and all salaries will be paid in ISK

There will be an average of 2 hours daily overtime at 80% of normal day time hourly wage,

plus you will receive 10,17% holiday pay which is deposited in a holiday account which you will receive in May the following year

Some weekends you may have to work due to a cargo ship arriving once a month, but all over time is expected to be worked,

Some manual labor will be required, please send your CV with your qualifications

Please call Alan 00354 7757336

We are open over the Easter

4 thoughts on “Machine operators, Long term position for cargo docks

  1. Good Day !

    My name is Edward-Cristinel Dimoiu, kennitala 040873-3099. I’ve been living in Iceland with my family for almost two years now. For the moment I work for Jarnn og blikk for a year and a half. I am interested in the machine operator post. My qualities are: Front Loader Driver, and Forklift Driver. I obtained the licenses from Romania and they are translated in English.

    If you’re interested, my email is:, and also my phone number: 8552168

  2. Hello
    My name is Tyrone De Douza. I am 26 years old and have been driving machinery for 8 years. I have various different types of licences and would love the oppourtunity to take my career abroad. I have im proved in every position i have been in and feel i will continue to do the same if given he oppourtunity in this position

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