Welcome to Iceland recruitment

You’re here to discover what opportunities are waiting for you concerning working  in Iceland and I understand why you would want to work and live in Iceland, after all Iceland is one of the best places to live in the world and why shouldn’t you want that, also we have a fantastic country to discover, low crime rates and a great education system.

On our home page you will notice we have new jobs posted all the time, but these are not all the jobs we have so it’s worth your time and effort to send us your CV for other vacancies coming up or maybe you have a special skill that we would like to hear about.

Right now, Iceland has a growing economy where people are needed in all areas of professional life from building to tourism, I can’t think of any area that is not affected by this.

Below you will find your selected area of work and the corresponding email to send your CV to.

We will keep it on file and when a position comes up in that area we will email you.



Iceland recruitment – Armula 36 105  +354 7757336